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We welcome you to our campaign site.  Here you will find current events, an opportunity to sign up to volunteer, donate and share our website.  This is a grassroots campaign to represent the Republican Party of Texas,  4th District for US. Congress.  The primary run-off is held August 8, 2020 and we need your help to make America a greater place for generations to come.  Your contributions, your time, and your prayers are coveted.  Time is of the essence.  Please see page "My Three Things "to see the areas in which I will bring change.

Dear County and Precinct Chairs,

My name is Bob Worthen and I am seeking your vote in the upcoming Texas, District 4 special election, on August 8, 2020.

I live in Bowie County, just south of Texarkana, Texas.

Like you, I have supported our republican candidates year after year after year.  Like you, I have grown tired of waiting for someone, anyone to step up and lead in just following the Constitution and to fix what is wrong. We must pu in a true leader who will stay the course until the mission is complete.

Our president, our congress, the people are under assault from factions domestic and abroad. President Trump has accomplished more for us in the past 3 1/2 years than most administrations in the last 30....

I liken his successes to believing in the Lord, being a true public servant and by promoting the entrepreneurial spirit - coupled with common sense thinking and initiating reforms.

I am a believer, asking myself daily what would Christ do if he were walking in my shoes? Jesus Christ’s life is an example for me to follow in thinking independently, being an outsider, and dedicating myself to lifelong involvement in community and state issues.

I humble myself before you, a proud Texas heritage, 7th generation, pure Texan, who started from a very modest beginning and has worked to achieve great business and financial success that personifies the American dream of capitalism.

I thank and applaud all who are in public service for the defense of our nation.

Most if not all are dedicated people with good intentions but many citizens feel that they do not have a voice anymore, which stems from a lack of good leadership.

Our nation has run out of time for solutions to some crucial, decades old issues.

Will you join me in admitting and confirming this basic truth?

Our very survival based on liberty and freedom. We must step up and fix our failing and broken educational system. 

Our greatest domestic need; to truly reform our educational system which was once the best in the world but is now failing because of government bureaucrats. 

Like our president, I see our nation literally on the way to destroying itself through a lack of our young people receiving a good and well balanced, thorough education. The current riots and anarchy in the democrat controlled major cities is a direct result of the failed education system.

We have waited too long for our office holders to fix this huge problem! 

Two out of three voters under the age of 30 are voting for democratic socialists, a fact unspeakable 15 - 20 years ago. So why is that?

My breaking point came several years ago when my 13 year old granddaughter told me that her school was teaching that socialism was better than capitalism. 

Many can "bird-dog" a problem but few have the ability and training to solve the problem. 

I have a record of solving seemingly insurmountable problems against all odds.

I have created a real workable plan that will transform our schools into the learning centers we so desperately need, providing the opportunity for a good education to ALL our children. 

I can assure you that no one else will hit the ground running like I will. 

Many others know of my intellect, commitment to truth and legendary Texas bullheaded stubbornness to do what is right.

At this critical time in our History, the vast majority of people who know me believe I am the right person for this VERY important job.

My Fellow Texans, I am dedicating my life and resources to truly making a difference. And that is to represent the great people of our district.

I believe that when someone gets into office, you should lead, do the people’s work and then get out of the way for others to carry the torch and fight the new battles ahead.

Again, I am seeking your support and please, learn everything possible about me before the vote on August 8. 

I am a businessman and leader who has the training and expertise to solve systemic problems.

Please consider me as I try to exemplify the vision of what the founders of our great country had in mind for an elected official.

Please, go to my website, research what I stand for.  Call or write me anytime. 

Vote for Bob Worthen, on August 8th. 

May god bless and reward your dedication to effort for this great nation.

Thank You.

Bob Worthen
R&P Worthen LLP, Managing Partner
                                                                                            (903) 559-8029

"When the people fear their government, there is TYRANNY; When the government fears the people, there is LIBERTY." Thomas Jefferson
"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have. " Thomas Jefferson

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