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Three Things Close to my heart

1. The United States is #1 in education spending in the world, but according to a recent study, our students are #38 in math and #24 in science.  Is it acceptable to you that we are ranked in the bottom half of the 71 most industrialized nations in math?  We need to stop supporting these government bureaucrats ruining our schools.  This most important issue is one that I have already met with several lawmakers about over many years and if elected, I will be in a position to do far more by insisting on better educational opportunities, such as vocational trades, unlimited access to on-line curriculum and expanded pre-college courses for all children. We must acknowledge that all students do not learn at the same rate, so maximum flexibility must be incorporated into a rigid system. If we enhance and solve our education problems, many other problems will “take care of themselves” because our citizens will have the knowledge, empowerment and wisdom to make well-informed choices.

2. Our huge national debt is considered by many to be a huge problem that needs to be retired and when that happens, we need to never go into debt again. There is a solution to our national debt. Sure, it will require sacrifice from all of us but it can be done. I will reveal the plan when elected. I will work with my fellow lawmakers to pay off our National Debt in a very short period of time. The Debt is like a huge weight dragging down our economic well being. Our freedoms and capitalism has made us the envy of the world with millions trying to come here any way they can.. Just think of what we could accomplish and the wealth we could all share, if we no longer had this heavy burden weighing us down. Because of our poor educational system, the socialist and communist lies are becoming more and more popular. The debt is actually leading us to communism as it will crush our ecomomy.

3. The national democrat party leaders need to be fully exposed for their hypocrisy on  major issues. Why can’t our republicans do a better job in exposing their lies? Example: raising the minimum wage sounds good on the surface but in fact hurts the poor people the most. I have written an article on this subject that has changed the minds of many people and needs to be read and understood by all. Too many times our representatives don’t realize the issues that seem simple in their minds needs to be addressed and explained in detail for the public. Just being right is not enough. Our representatives need to clearly and effectively explain why and how we are right.


Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage – A Magic Bullet?

The advocates of raising the minimum wage say that raising the minimum wage will give low income people a “living wage” and therefore a better standard of living.  Maybe that’s true for a very short period of time but History shows us that in the long run, that theory has been proven to be false.  Less than fifty years ago between 1970 and 1979 we doubled the minimum wage which in my opinion was the main cause of the REAL GREAT RECESSION since the Great Depression.  During that Recession we not only had double digit unemployment which reached a high of 10.8%, but to add to the misery we had a double digit yearly inflation rate at the same time.  And that Recession lasted longer than the 2008 Recession.  The 2008 Recession was inaccurately named the Great Recession by former President Obama.  Since the minimum wage is a base wage, when raised, most people’s pay is adjusted upwards in dollar amounts but the resulting inflation takes away any standard of living increase because no more products or services are being produced.  In fact, after a minimum wage increase the poor and middle class are able to buy less because they are pushed into higher tax brackets resulting in a reduction in their standard of living because the government is forcibly taking a bigger percentage of their income.  The government grows while the average person loses in percentage of take-home pay.  In summing it up, if you are more productive and you get a raise and no one else does, then you get a real standard of living increase.  But, if everyone gets a raise, no one gets a standard of living increase and the poorest among us will actually have a standard of living decrease by paying a larger percentage of their income in taxes.

In 2006, the Democrats took control of Congress and raised the minimum wage in both 2007 and 2008 by a total of over 27%, which in turn then drove prices up and pushed us into the Great Recession.  Look at the Historical Minimum Wage and Inflation Charts and you will see that Inflation always follows the minimum wage increases, especially since 1954.

This is proof positive that raising the minimum wage is nothing more than a Dishonest Political Ploy to get votes from the uninformed voter.  In the past 80 years the minimum wage law has been consistently raised from 30 cents an hour in 1940 to $7.25 an hour in 2007 which is greater than a 2400% increase on the premise of "giving the working poor a living wage."  Regardless of increasing the minimum wage, the poverty rate remains about the same.  Why do people believe that this failed policy to increase minimum wage will solve the issue, even after it has failed time and again.  Many deceitful and masterful politicians continue to use this dishonest political ploy to get votes year after year.  These Charlatans have about 70% of the population deceived with this dishonest political ploy of increasing minimum wage, and yet the silence on this issue from our side of the aisle is deafening.

The Historical statistics show us that raising the minimum wage hurts the poor and middle class the most and seems to have been at least a major contributing factor in causing both of our most recent major Recessions and is no magic bullet to help the poor.  Raising the Minimum Wage is nothing more than a Dishonest Political Ploy that on the surface sounds good but has arguably done far more harm than good.  This is only one of many History Lessons that our nation’s leaders need to learn and pay attention to or we will be forced to repeat these mistakes again and again.

Robert Worthen,
R & P Worthen LLP, Managing Partner

My goal is to encourage people to think critically about the issues of the day.

Minimum Wage – Wage and Hour Division (WHD) – U.S. Department of Labor
Historical Inflation Rates: 1914-2018  I  US Inflation Calculator

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Education Reform

We Need Educational Reform!

Many point to our huge national debt as the number one issue facing our nation today but the debt is only a by-product of a more important problem. Our nation spends more money per student on education than any other country in the world but by one study, we have fallen from at or near #1 in quality of education to apparently #48 in about 60 years. To be fair, there are studies that put us around #20 in quality of education but everyone does agree it is not good. The answer to why this has happened is not so hard to understand if you look at the situation honestly. Our once great Public Educational System could now be more aptly named our Great Public Socialist Indoctrination System. The Government has in effect taken over our schools and with the help of the Teacher’s Union they are teaching our children and grandchildren that Socialism is good and Capitalism is bad. From our children and grandchildren they are graduating a new crop of indoctrinated Socialists every year which has resulted in 2 out of every 3 young voters under the age of 30 voting for Socialists or as they like to be called, Progressives. They are mindlessly progressing our country into Socialism. As these young voters mature, many of them come to realize the Socialist Way results in a lower standard of living for the average citizen and they become more conservative. A large government kills the incentive to produce by taking more and more resources from the people who produce to give to those who do not. The number of people who produce keeps decreasing and the number of non-producers keeps increasing. The result is a continuing decline in standard of living for the average citizen. This is already happening as the government keeps bailing out private companies. Instead of being “Too big to fail” it should be let those who fail, fail. Letting the badly managed companies go bankrupt is not the end of the world. In fact, it has just the opposite effect. Other better run and more efficient companies rush in and hire the people and fill the voids left by those who leave. That is the miracle of real Capitalism and it does not cost the taxpayers a dime.

It is time for government to give the parents the approximately $14,000.00 median average per child each year, which is currently being wasted on these failed and dangerous public schools. With that money, the power to improve their children’s education will be with the parents, and the parents will be able to pick the school that will do the best job teaching their children. With competition, good schools and teachers will prosper and flourish. Thousands of good private schools will spring up and compete for that money. The bad schools and teachers will either have to improve or leave the education business. Our students will get the quality of education that we are already paying for and the teachers will have the incentive they need to excel in teaching instead of being shackled by heavy handed government regulations that stifle good teaching skills and ability. It would be nice if math and science teachers made six figure salaries instead of just the football and basketball coaches. The most successful coaches make a million dollars a year, or more, by having winning teams in their respective sport programs, which proves my point. Capitalism incentivizes people to excel. Give our parents real and fair school choices and who will start seeing significantly higher salaries? Obviously, the best teachers will. Who will get the best education which we are already paying for? Our children will. No meaningful solutions will happen until we stop the continuing the march of our country into the slavery of Socialism. To survive as a nation we must start by taking back the minds and hearts of our children from those who are using them for their own agenda.

The Government in conjunction with the Teacher’s Union controls our Public Education and is on track to completely destroy our great country through this modern form of slavery known as Socialism. Our indoctrinated children do not even realize what they are doing to their future. It’s time we as a nation insist on parental school choice and educational control for our children. This is the most CRITICAL KEY to our future success as a nation. To restore our country to greatness our children and grandchildren need to be educated with the truth about the freedom of Capitalism and the slavery of Socialism. Why should only the rich and politically well-connected get the best educational choices? We are already paying plenty of money for good educational choices for our children and grandchildren. Let’s get what we are paying for. It is time to insist on Educational Choice and opportunity for all students.

60 years ago our schools were completely run by our local School Boards with the parents in charge. Now, the Government has completely taken over and our schools are failing. We parents no longer have any say in how our Government Run Schools are educating our children. Most parents who are able to opt out have opted out of these failing Government Schools. It is time to completely reform our schools because the more money we give to this failed system, the more it fails us. I am for ALL children to have an Equal Opportunity for a good education. Some will make use of that opportunity and others will not but at least we can give them the opportunity most currently do not have.

Most of our inner city schools have become failure factories.

"I don't ever expect to sign my name to any law that is more important than the Education Act of 1965." - Lyndon B Johnson   He was right and that legislation has took what was a problem and made it infinitely bigger.  Since then President after President has tried to solve our growing Educational System, only making it worse every time.  There is a solution but it won't come from any CAREER BUREAUCRATS in Washington.
From 1971 to 2007 education spending per child has more than doubled in inflation adjusted dollars.  Spending more money on a failed and broken system only makes it more failed and broken.  It's like giving a drug addict money and expecting he or she to reform themselves.  
Since 1971 Reading and Math Scores essentially flat-lined for over 30 years.  Now those scores are in total free fall.  Our Washington based Bureaucratic Leadership has obviously failed.  It is time for new leadership from outside Washington.  It is time to elect people who actually embody what our founding fathers envisioned to serve in Congress to actually serve in Congress.  Don't we have more than enough career politicians in Congress already?
In 2002 President Bush and Ted Kennedy made an agreement that they and the Washington "Elite" said would solve our failing schools.  "No Child Left Behind" has resulted in even more children left behind with fewer and fewer skills for a successful life.  Dare anyone say the words, FAILURE FACTORIES?  
I, Bob Worthen have the solutions to our Failure Factories.  Isn't it obvious our Washington Bureaucrats do not?  You can send another one like them to Congress or you can send someone who has shown he can stand alone against all others if needed for what is right and true.


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Thursday Thoughts from Bob Worthen, June 18, 2020

Far too often our so-called public servants have become our public oppressors. Why is that? I believe I have a great track record in challenging the career oppressors in all aspects of government!

As a 7th-generation Texan, with deep pride in my family's struggles through history and hardships, I have looked back over my life the past few months and I have realized that God has always been working in me, honing all of my skills and talents for a higher purpose. I am a man of humble beginnings, I have gone through many trials and overcome obstacle after obstacle, and learned to solve problems others can only seem to "bird dog."

As a private businessman, I have stood up against government actions that violated our constitutional freedoms. We have all experienced the bureaucrat who has been rude, condescending, and uncaring towards the people.  Well, I always remind those souls that WE THE PEOPLE EMPLOY THEM!  And WE HAVE THE CAPACITY TO REMOVE THEM. On my website are just three accounts of these types of situations. Results were always positive and I fought not only for myself but for my brothers and sisters in the community.

Ask the others in the race about their grassroots efforts. I feel my record is worthy and strong. I love to challenge the status quo by writing opinion editorials, often outlining solutions and showing the great hypocrisy of the left and big government idealists. I seek your input, opinions, and help to win this important race. My grassroots beliefs set me apart from the pack and I will be your servant. Yes, my fellow candidates seem to me to be fine people with notable resumes but I will always have the people's back if you honor me by supporting my candidacy. I believe you will agree that I embody the kind of Patriot our founding fathers envisioned to serve in Congress.

Bob Worthen


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