Dear Delegates and County Chairs,

I thank you greatly for allowing me to attend your events and getting to know each and every one of you. Your job is instrumental to the party and replacing former Congressman Ratcliffe's seat, with a new leader is no small task.  I ask you humbly for your support and vote.  I have chosen to be in this race because, like a bolt out of the blue, the opportunity to represent the people is a challenge that I feel compelled to do at this juncture in my life. I am not in this for resume building, or just because I hold another office title, I AM HERE TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE AND PRODUCE RESULTS! Others have "bird dogged" endless issues, but I do not hear solutions from any of the other candidates to our national problems.   

My motives are genuine. A proud, loyal Texan, that fully embodies the person our founding fathers envisioned representing the people in Congress. My brother, Chief Justice, of the 12th Court of Appeals in Texas, is a mentor and someone who I wish to emulate, as a dedicated public servant.  

I have studied our most pressing national problem; EDUCATION and I will put forward real tangible and well thought out solutions to that issue, and put an end to Federal involvement in what should be left to each state to regulate.

I have been so blessed in my personal life, a successful businessman, that has a demonstrated record of fighting and winning against government overreach and in some circumstances, uncovering corrupt officials.

I am not a polished public speaker, but my passion and strengths lie within my sincerity to truly hear your concerns, from you the voter.  I am dedicated to be your voice for this position, like no other.  

George Bush and Ted Kennedy got together and came up with "No child left behind" and it was hailed as the solution to our educational woes.  Our education system has only gotten worse.  They were career politicians. They and all of their advisers put forth only sound bites and lip service. My business experience will only allow me to put forth true solutions. Are not the children of this great country worth our sacrifices?  YOU BET.  President Trump was elected because the people are tired of failing career politicians making promises they don't even have a clue as to how to fulfill.  I am the only one running who understands exactly how to totally reform our broken educational system, and the only one who understands exactly how it needs to be done. 

I am only telling you the truth.  If the way I tell you the truth offends you, then I am truly sorry, but if it is the truth that is offending you, then I am not sorry. We need to accept truth - facts and do what is right for your future, Texas, our country and the world.

May God Bless.  


Bob Worthen