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 Mr. Ronny Bailey was the BCAD employee assigned to “fight” me in this Property Tax dispute. He now supports me to be our Texas 4th Congressional District’s Representative.  There are many local citizens,  including Democrats, who support my campaign to be their Congressman.  Below is a letter of endorsement from my former adversary:

" I have known Robert "Bob" Worthen for about 6 years now.  Bob and I have had our differences over the years but I can honestly say without a doubt that he is a good person.  He is a man of faith, honest, patriotic, and has been a successful business man for many years.  He loves to share his opinions about today's issues and has always wanted to be a voice of reason.  I am writing this letter today in support for Bob Worthen for the Congressional 4th District of Texas.  Not only do I believe he is qualified for the job, but he would be the roll-up-your-sleeves person to do the job. "  -Ronny

Ronny Bailey, RPA
Appraiser Supervisor
Bowie Central Appraisal District
122 Plaza West Suite A
P.O. Box 6527
Texarkana, TX 75505


 "Mr. Worthen' s work ethic is to be admired, studied and modeled with profit by all.   He is amazing!  He accomplishes anything he sets his mind to.   His deep concern for the children of America, is deeply moving.  I feel that this man must go to Washington.  He is on a mission!  He is tenacious.  He will not stop until he achieves what he is after.  His warm, embracing smile encompasses the World.  We need him now , more than ever, to lead the way.  I agree 100% with his views, attitudes and high moral character.   He is open and clear to all, for what he stands.  Freedom's holy cry rings loud in this one.  "Liberty for all " is his motto.  Freedom of choice for all, regardless of age, race or religion.  I strongly endorse this man wholeheartedly, with the utter conviction that he will only do good.  God bless him and God bless America!"    Most Sincerely,   Dr. Phillip Burbutes, ND, Texarkana, TX

"As Store Manager for Granary Street Nacogdoches, I have been directly supervised by Bob Worthen from October 2018 to present.  During this short period of time, Bob has been far more than just an employer.  He has displayed true spirit of mentorship, which instills critical thinking in his staff.  His daily actions are guided by fairness, compassion, kindness, and honesty. 
     His moral compass is founded on wisdom and courage.  He has the wisdom to measure a person's success based on the obstacles they have overcome instead of their material possessions.  His courage allows him to do the right thing for all, regardless of age, gender, political and religious beliefs.  He treats everyone with respect and dignity, no matter their social and economic status."
Andrea Zarate - Manager
Granary Street Natural Food Store
4411 South Street 
Nacogdoches, TX. 75964


"I have known Bob for nearly 12 years. Together in Bowie County, we have worked on several civic issues in  regards to budgets and fiscal responsibility. He has a unique ability to uncover issues that affect all tax payers ,and he deeply cares to make things right. His family business is a true American success story. He offers great wisdom and insight on all issues for those who will listen. One thing is certain, he is a man of great conviction and means what he says. You would find no better representative for all the people in this district.Gary Steudte, Campaign Advisor


Imagine a neighbor that would stand up for you and your family and help you during hard times not because he has to but because he is just that type of person. 

My husband had been sick off and on and unable to work fulltime for a couple of years, but Bob Worthen hired him for odd jobs a number of times at his farm. In September 2019, Mr. Worthen found out that Jimmy and I were almost finished remodeling an old house we bought to finally have our own home and get out of a trailer that we had lived in for many years. 

Mr. Worthen paid my husband an advance so we would have enough to finish the remodel. Not long after we moved in, my husband's health got worse, and he died in March. 

Mr. Worthen helped my husband's dream come true - to buy me a brick home. If it was not for him my husband and I could not have spent his last days in a home that we remodeled together. 

Mr. Worthen was a great friend to my late husband Jimmy. He helped us out in more ways than this, and always checked on us to make sure we don't need anything and were ok. He still stops by to check on me and make sure I'm ok.

That's the kind of man we need to represent this country. This man is a definition of the type of person that we need in this country to help us grow and learn to be the type of people that we need to be.

Most Sincerely. Christy Burkhalter, Linden, Texas

Bob Worthen Campaign
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